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* 3Sinhala Radio Network

Listen to classic Sri Lankan music online 24 hours a day. Request your songs via eEmail, Voice mail, Fax or Phone. You may contact us thru Skype or Yahoo Messenger as well.

Voioce mail:: (317) 703-6834 or (317) 703-6835
Fax:: (317) 703-6838
Telephone:: (317) 674-3855 or (317) 674-3856 or (317) 674-3857
Tel (CA):: (213) 254-5455
Skype ID:: ThreeSinhala
Yahoo Messenger:: ThreeSinhala (LLC) and 3Sinhala Web Radio have joined forces to serve the Sri Lankan community living in around the World.

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Some of our listeners enjoy our music while at work, where Audio Streaming is blocked with Firewall by the network administrators. We have a fix for it. If you are behind a Network Firewall, Click here.

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